A 5-Piece Outerwear Capsule

Confession time: this time last year, in addition to having an entire room for my clothes, I also had an entire closet (and a double-one) at that, full of outerwear. Just to make matters even worse, that closet was always crammed to bursting point, and eventually it got to the stage where enough was enough, and it was time for a clear-out. [ 591 more words ]


Why You Should Dress Like You’re Already Famous

Dress: ZARA You know that sage piece of career advice which says you should dress for the job you want, rather than the one you have? Lately I've been trying my best to apply that philosophy to all parts of my wardrobe. Because why should work be the only time we dress the part? I'm a firm believer in the idea that when you look your best, you FEEL your best, and I'd like to apply that to ALL aspects of my life, rather than only to the things I need to "dress up" for. [ 401 more words ]


Which coat should you wear with each outfit?

I WAS going to call this post "how to wear a coat", but I changed my mind at the last minute, because, seriously, how obvious is THAT? I mean, everyone knows how to wear a coat, don't they? It's not rocket science, after all: you just pick a coat you like, put it on, and bingo - you're wearing a coat! [ 315 more words ]


Building a Multi-Seasonal Wardrobe

After an entire lifetime of shopping seasonally (So, shorts for summer, sweaters for winter, and so on and so forth), and even switching my closet around twice a year to give me better access to each season's clothes, I've finally come to the conclusion that what I REALLY need is a multi-seasonal wardrobe instead. The thing is, we don't really get "seasons" here in the UK, do we? [ 690 more words ]


4 Ways to Make Your Winter Coat More Interesting

I don't know about you, but I sometimes wonder why I even bother to buy new winter clothes every year - after all, my coat is normally the only thing people see. When you live in a cold climate, a winter coat is not only a sound investment, it can also be more or less an outfit in itself - especially if your lifestyle requires you to spend time outdoors every day. [ 476 more words ]


Merry Christmas, and a Happy Shoe Year!

So, it's going to be a particularly hectic holiday season in the Shoeper household this year, so I'm going to be downing tools a little earlier than usual, and, rather than continuing to post over the holiday, I'm going to be taking a short blogging break. Before I go, though, I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up about some changes coming to ShoeperWoman.com in the new year. [ 238 more words ]


Topshop ‘Babette’ high leg boots

Topshop 'Babette' high leg boots Could these be the perfect boots? I think so. I also think I've probably said that before, mind you, but oh well: they're this year's 'perfect' boots, anyway! I'll be honest: while I really like the shape of these (If you're a regular reader, you probably know all about my abiding love of over-the-knee boots by now: they're just so much better with skirts and dresses than knee high boots, in my humble opinion), I mostly love them for the colour. [ 204 more words ]


H&M green satin platform sandals

H&M green satin platform sandals I just can't seem to stay away from the H&M website right now. I really wish I could - I mean, I've been seriously considering getting ShoeperMan to just put some kind of parental lock on the site or something, so I'm not being constantly led into temptation - but there's just SO much stuff I want to buy right now. [ 141 more words ]


The New Style of Sneakers

OK, so "new" is probably the wrong word, here. This style of sneaker has actually been around for a while now (and sneakers themselves have been around forever, obviously...), but there's no denying that they're going through a bit of a "moment", fashion-wise - and that means I want to know what you think of them. So, this "new" style I'm referring to is basically the same old sneakers you're used to seeing, but, instead of regular laces, the current look involves wide ribbon-style ones instead. [ 127 more words ]


Boden sequin ‘Albertina’ flats

Boden sequin Albertina flats Every Christmas, Boden release a pair of sequined or bejewelled flats which, without fail, make me want to spend far too much money on shoes I know I probably won't wear all that often: because, sure, flats are practical, but sequins? Not so much, really, more's the pity. This year, the flats in question are the 'Albertina' - a pointed, tassled loafer, which is just a little bit different from the traditional ballet flats I usually go for, but no less gorgeous for that. [ 90 more words ]


ASOS SACRED Wide Fit Bow Mid Heels

ASOS SACRED Wide Fit Bow Mid Heels I'm sure you can probably guess what I'm going to say about these shoes, which is that I love the bow, but I don't like the heel. Well, you're absolutely right on both counts: I DO love the bow. A lot, actually. And no, I DON'T like the heel: not even a little bit, as a matter of fact. [ 144 more words ]


Shopbop December Wish List

I'm getting in early with my Shopbop wish list this month: here are just a few of the items I'm hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year! Schutz 'Mislane' point-toe ankle boots My sock boot obsession continues, and while I know the black version of these boots would be about 100X more practical than this silver glittery version, the black version just so happens to be sold out at the time of writing, which means I'd just HAVE to get the silver, wouldn't I? [ 242 more words ]


Pink button peep toe boots

Pink button peep toe boots It's taken me a very long time to come around to the idea of peep toe boots. Years, in fact. I think I've finally got there, though - and while boots with an open toe will probably never be my first choice when it comes to footwear, these ones have definitely helped sway me. I love ALMOST everything about these: the buttons are absolutely adorable, for instance, and look to me like they belong on a much more expensive pair of shoes; the shape is divine, with that curved upper and thin heel; the colour is about as eye-catching as it gets. [ 211 more words ]


Beautiful green ankle boots by Ted Baker

Ted Baker bow detail ankle boots I usually associate Ted Baker with (beautiful, beautiful) evening shoes, but today I'm bypassing the shoe section altogether, and heading straight for the boots. Well, it IS almost December, after all, and a girl has to be practical at least SOME of the time, doesn't she? Luckily, though, Ted Baker are every bit as good as making boots as they are at making shoes (Which is very, very good, just in case you were wondering...), and my eyes went straight to these gorgeous khaki-coloured ankle boots, which are also available in black and grey. [ 231 more words ]


Christian Louboutin Maripopump Butterfly Red Sole Pumps

Christian Louboutin Maripopump Butterfly Red Sole Pumps If there's one thing I love seeing on shoes even more than I love hearts, that thing would be butterflies. Or bows, maybe. OK, it's a toss-up between the two, but it's butterflies we're presented with today, so butterflies it is! These shoes are Christian Louboutin's 'Maripopump', and oh my goodness, but they're absolutely beautiful, aren't they? [ 196 more words ]


Heart Details at Dune shoes

It's not even close to Valentine's day yet (or not unless I slept WAY later than I thought I had this morning, anyway), but already Dune is stocking up on heart-print shoes - which I, naturally, feel it's my duty to show you, starting off with these: Glitter Heart Pointed Toe Court Shoe Now, if you're a longtime reader, you'll already know that I never could resist a heart-fronted shoe, so, naturally, I find these all kinds of adorable. [ 230 more words ]


ASOS KITTY Purple Stretch Over The Knee Boots

ASOS KITTY Purple Stretch Over The Knee Boots Along with the rising popularity of sock boots comes the possibility for tons of different colour options. I think I've seen over the knee boots in just about every colour imaginable lately, but these bright purple ones by ASOS have to be the brightest, most in-your-face ones yet. I mean, have YOU ever seen boots this colour before? [ 242 more words ]


Aquazzura Temptation embellished Perspex and leather slingback pumps

Aquazzura Temptation embellished Perspex and leather slingback pumps It's time to put on your Cinderella shoes, folks: yes, you SHALL go to the ball... although, in this case you're going to need a cool £545, rather than a Fairy Godmother. Not much of a fairytale, is it? (Aside: did anyone else ever find themselves wishing Cinderella had gotten something a little better than glass slippers to wear to the ball? [ 235 more words ]


Shopbop November Wish List

We're exactly halfway through November already, so it's time to take a quick look at what's on my Shopbop wish list right now, starting off with... James Perse low back jersey dress This dress may not seem like the most exciting thing you'll ever buy, but as the proud owner of two dresses from this brand, I can promise you will not regret it. [ 243 more words ]


My most-worn shoes of the year…

... have been my trusty white Converse sneakers. I know! I mean, who even am I any more, right? Don't worry, I haven't forsaken my beloved heels entirely, but my style has become a lot more casual this year - especially during the summer, when I got particularly lazy, and just didn't want to have to think too hard about what I was wearing. [ 280 more words ]


Zara patent bow court shoes

Zara patent bow court shoes Guys, I'm gutted. When I found these shoes on the Zara website, the first image I saw was a close up of the toe, and I kid you not, I had my credit card out almost before I could click the link to view the full product listing. I didn't even know what the price was, but I honestly didn't care, either - I just knew that bow had to be in my life: or on my shoe shelves rather. [ 224 more words ]


Would you buy removable ankle straps?

River Island removable ankle straps When I first stumbled upon these gold ankle straps, I was a little bit confused: in my mind, I couldn't help but compare them (er, even although they look nothing like them) to the slim gold ankle chains people used to wear in the 80s, and which were always considered a little bit tacky. Once I'd had a chance to take a second look, though, I realised that's a pretty unfair bias, and that this is actually a pretty cool idea - and no different, really, from the clip-on brooches and bows you can buy to change the look of your shoes on a budget. [ 209 more words ]


Tosphop ‘Glamorous’ bow court shoes

Tosphop 'Glamorous' bow court shoes I feel like I've featured these shoes - or ones very like them, in any case - on this site at least a hundred times now, maybe more. And who knows, maybe I have? I mean, let's face it, there's really nothing revolutionary - or even particularly unusual - about the style, is there? No, it's your standard court shoe, complete with embellishment on the toe (This time it's a brooch AND a bow, which is really pretty special, but, again, nothing we haven't seen before), and it has a standard, goes-with-anything black upper, which is nice, but not exactly imaginative. [ 235 more words ]


Shoe Review: Truffle Collection Stiletto Sock Boots

Truffle Collection Stiletto Sock Boots Well, I finally did it, folks: after months of talking about how much I like sock boots, I actually bought a pair - and, honestly, I might never go back. I mean, why would I? These are the first boots I've ever owned that actually fit my calf perfectly, and because of that, they're ALSO the first pair of boots I've ever owned that I really AM going to be able to wear with dresses and skirts without secretly wishing I was wearing shoes instead, because they'd just look so much more elegant. [ 204 more words ]


Gianvito Rossi red bow satin pumps

Gianvito Rossi red bow satin pumps Um, WOW. There's not really much else that needs to be said about these Gianvito Rossi pumps, is there? Maybe I'll just give you all a few minutes to admire them, shall I? As a longtime fan of Gianvito Rossi, these shoes come as no surprise: they're very much in keeping with the often extravagant style we've come to associate with the brand, and are a true statement shoe, if ever I saw one. [ 235 more words ]


Penny Loves Kenny red ‘Manner’ pumps with pom pom

Penny Loves Kenny red 'Manner' pumps with pom pom Penny Loves Kenny is a brand I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to lately, which is a shame, because their shoes are just so much fun. This isn't a brand that's sold in the UK, as far as I'm aware (Happy to be corrected on this, but if I'm right, then apologies to any UK readers who've always wanted a pair of bright red shoes with a black pom pom, and opened this post thinking their time had finally come!), so I have no idea what the quality of the shoes will be like, but I… [ 198 more words ]


Office Fairy Floss Bow Loafers

Office Fairy Floss Bow Loafers Yeah, yeah, I know I said I'd knock it off with all the pink suede, but these shoes are totally different from the usual run of stilettos I normally feature here (and for once, I have absolutely no intention of buying them either - wonders will never cease!), so this one totally doesn't count, OK? [ 262 more words ]


Primark pink feather sandals

It's been a while since I last visited Primark. That's partly due to location - since moving house a few years ago, there's no longer a store near us - but it's also because I know to my cost (literally) that I'll go in there thinking, "Oh, I'll just pop in and pick up a cheap t-shirt/pair of tights/whatever", and then, the next thing I know, I'm filling up my basket like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep (Remember that? [ 261 more words ]


Carvela Kurt Geiger red patent ‘Glimmer’ sandals

Carvela Kurt Geiger red patent 'Glimmer' sandals These shoes come in red patent, gold leather, and soft pink suede. My favourites are actually the pink suede version, but I'm choosing to show you the red patent here, partly because they're the most "show-stopping" of the three, but mostly because I think I've featured more than enough pink suede shoes here lately - and given that I can't actually seem to look at a pair of the things without immediately wanting to buy them (and occasionally succumbing to that impulse), I think it's best for all of us if I just stick to the other colours. [ 206 more words ]


Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps

Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps You could tell just by looking that these shoes were NOT going to be cheap, couldn't you? Well, you were right about that: these will set you back no less than £3,700, which is a figure that makes me feel a little bit faint, actually: I think I might have to go and lie down... [ 189 more words ]


Yay or Nay? Tory Burch Clara Floral d’Orsay Bow Pump

Tory Burch Clara Floral d'Orsay Bow Pump Anyone watch Outlander? (Er, if you answered "no" to that question, you might want to just skip the rest of this post, by the way - it's not going to make much sense!) Terry and I just finished watching some of the episodes set in Paris, and if you haven't seen them, trust me when I tell you they're worth watching for the fashion alone. [ 240 more words ]


Prada Embroidered Satin Mary Jane Pumps

Prada Embroidered Satin Mary Jane Pumps Buttons. Embroidery. That gold heel. The pale satin upper. There's a whole lot going on with these shoes, and honestly, I'm not quite sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. One thing I will say is that the overall effect is very 'Prada' (if there was any doubt about that fact, the brand name is right there in the middle of the giant green button...): I think the main issue I'd have with these is that they're what I tend to think of as "runway shoes" - i.e. [ 210 more words ]


River Island Pink Bow Court Shoes

River Island pink bow court shoes Earlier this year, I bought these pink bow court shoes from Office. A few weeks later, I got a pair of pink bow sandals (which are no longer available: boo!) for my birthday, and then last month? Last month I bought the pale pink version of the 'On to Point' shoes which I never seem to stop talking about here - probably because I never stop WEARING the things. [ 241 more words ]


Jonak ‘Laura’ metallic peep toes

If you're a regular reader, you'll probably already know how much I love green. And pink. And gold. And rose gold. It'll come as absolutely no surprise at all, then, to learn that I also love these Jonak peep toes, which are available in every one of those colour, and which have a lovely, vintage feel to them. When I first came across them, my first thought was that they look like a fabulous pair of old-style dancing shoes - and I mean that in the best possible way, because while these do have an "old style" feel to them, they don't look old… [ 197 more words ]


ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots

ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots If all boots were as nice as these ones, you could almost persuade me to like winter fashion. Almost. OK, not really: I don't think I'll ever relish the thought of dressing for colder weather, but I have to admit, these 'Cabana' boots from ASOS do make the idea a whole lot more palatable. [ 258 more words ]


Topshop ‘Ava’ gem slingback flats

Topshop 'Ava' gem slingback flats I've been featuring a lot of high heels lately, so today I thought it was time to show some flats a bit of love, too. These are Topshop's 'Ava' slingback flats, and although they're also available in black, who can stop to look at a pair of basic black flats when there's this sunshine yellow shade to look at instead? [ 231 more words ]


KG Kurt Geiger black and gold ‘Hex’ sandals

KG Kurt Geiger black and gold 'Hex' sandals These are the second pair of shoes with text on them that I've featured in past few weeks, and I continue to be surprised by how much I like them. Is it just because I'm secretly thinking about how cute that cursive text would look on Instagram? I mean, usually I'd dismiss shoes with words on them as "novelty" shoes, with a very limited shelf life - and give me something classic, that I know I'll still be wearing in a few years, any time. [ 181 more words ]


Shopbop Sale Alert!

It's Shopbop sale time once again, which means it's your chance to save up to 25% at one of ShoeperWoman's favourite stores - and it's MY turn to think, "Damn, why do these sales always come along when I've already spent all of my money for the month, and REALLY can't justify buying one more thing? It's a tragedy, to be sure. [ 246 more words ]


ZARA polka dot slingback heels

ZARA polka dot slingback heels I know this is my second ZARA pick of the week, so apologies for that, but actually, no, I take that back: the new autumn/winter footwear collection is so good that I don't really think any apologies are necessary - in fact, I could probably have shown you a different pair of Zara shoes every day this week, and still not run out of inspiration! [ 242 more words ]


Zara green satin ankle boots with embroidery

Zara green satin ankle boots with embroidery So, I'm pretty sure these are the most beautiful ankle boots I've ever seen. Like, EVER. Bold words, indeed, but then again, "beautiful" isn't generally a word I tend to apply to ankle boots. "Practical," yes. "Stylish," sometimes. Even words like "elegant" or "sophisticated" can often be used to describe this kind of style, but "beautiful"? [ 265 more words ]


Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots

Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots We've reached that time of year where boots start to dominate the shoe scene: this is normally bad news for me, because I much prefer shoes to boots (and they're generally a lot more affordable, too), but one thing has happened over the last year or so to change my mind a little: yes, folks, I'm talking about sock boots. [ 250 more words ]


Office ‘Hierarchy’ pink satin t-bar court shoes

Office 'Hierarchy' pink satin t-bar court shoes I'm feeling mighty pleased with myself this morning, folks: I went to the Office shoes website, and not only did I manage to resist buying another pair of their classic 'On to Point' courts, I've managed to resist featuring them here as my pick of the day, too: wonders will never cease! [ 251 more words ]


Kurt Geiger ‘Sadie’ red high heel court shoes

Kurt Geiger 'Sadie' red high heel court shoes Well, hello lovers... Just when I thought I'd seen all the red shoes I'd ever need to see, and that there was really nothing left to tempt me, along comes Kurt Geiger's 'Sadie' heels - which are one of those shoes that fall into the, "probably wouldn't have much of an opportunity to wear them, but want to buy them anyway," category. [ 267 more words ]


Shopbop September Wish List

September is always a bit of a tricky month for fashion, in that it's one of those transitional months, where you never know quite what you're going to get, weather-wise. Of course, that's something I, for one, should be more than used to by now, having lived in Scotland my entire life, but while the last two Septembers have been glorious, and actually warmer/drier than the rest of the summer, I've also known Septembers which have felt more like winter - and who knows which way this year will swing? [ 255 more words ]


A new brand for Breton lovers

All items available at Spartoo If you're a longtime ShoeperWoman reader, then I'm sure you I don't even need to tell you about my ongoing love affair with the Breton stripe, do I? If you're new to the site, on the other hand, well, it's probably best that you be prepared, because here's the thing: I like stripes. A lot, in fact. [ 262 more words ]


Kurt Geiger green ‘Raine’ ankle boots

Kurt Geiger green 'Raine' ankle boots GAH. I got so excited as I scrolled down the 'new in' section at Kurt Geiger, and these ankle boots came into view: the dark green suede upper is the perfect colour for my autumn/winter wardrobe, and although I do have a pair of boots in this colour, they're starting to look a little the worse for wear, so a replacement would be perfect around about now. [ 259 more words ]


River Island gold bow-embellished bow court shoes

River Island gold bow-embellished bow court shoes I know it's far to early in the year to be thinking about party shoes (mind you, I know I'll still be saying that in December, such is my dislike of the party season, and everything connected to it...), but I guess it's never too early to start buying beautiful shoes, is it? Didn't think so. [ 240 more words ]


Christian Louboutin ‘Booton’ Mary Jane Pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Booton' Mary Jane Pumps I'm not normally a big fan of Mary Janes: I like the look of them on other people, but when I've tried to wear them myself, they've always just reminded me of school shoes, or made me feel like Alice in Wonderland, or something. In other words, they have a tendency to look/feel just a little bit childish on me, and that's not really the look I'm going for! [ 233 more words ]


The Perfect Green Party Dress

Zoe Vine Billie Green Ruched Dress I don't normally pay a whole lot of attention to advertising, but last week I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and there, tucked away between inspirational messages and videos of cats, was an advert for SilkFred. Now, this is a site I was vaguely aware of, but hadn't paid a huge amount of attention to in the past. [ 247 more words ]


Shopbop August Wishlist

We're more than halfway through August already, so here's a quick look at what I've been lusting over from Shopbop this month... Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Cursive LOVE Necklace I don't really to wear a lot of jewellery (mostly because I tend to forget all about it when I'm getting dressed!), but, when I do, I usually go for simple, understated kind of look. [ 248 more words ]


The Sneaker Social