Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps

Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps You could tell just by looking that these shoes were NOT going to be cheap, couldn't you? Well, you were right about that: these will set you back no less than £3,700, which is a figure that makes me feel a little bit faint, actually: I think I might have to go and lie down... [ 189 more words ]


Yay or Nay? Tory Burch Clara Floral d’Orsay Bow Pump

Tory Burch Clara Floral d'Orsay Bow Pump Anyone watch Outlander? (Er, if you answered "no" to that question, you might want to just skip the rest of this post, by the way - it's not going to make much sense!) Terry and I just finished watching some of the episodes set in Paris, and if you haven't seen them, trust me when I tell you they're worth watching for the fashion alone. [ 240 more words ]


Prada Embroidered Satin Mary Jane Pumps

Prada Embroidered Satin Mary Jane Pumps Buttons. Embroidery. That gold heel. The pale satin upper. There's a whole lot going on with these shoes, and honestly, I'm not quite sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. One thing I will say is that the overall effect is very 'Prada' (if there was any doubt about that fact, the brand name is right there in the middle of the giant green button...): I think the main issue I'd have with these is that they're what I tend to think of as "runway shoes" - i.e. [ 210 more words ]


River Island Pink Bow Court Shoes

River Island pink bow court shoes Earlier this year, I bought these pink bow court shoes from Office. A few weeks later, I got a pair of pink bow sandals (which are no longer available: boo!) for my birthday, and then last month? Last month I bought the pale pink version of the 'On to Point' shoes which I never seem to stop talking about here - probably because I never stop WEARING the things. [ 241 more words ]


Jonak ‘Laura’ metallic peep toes

If you're a regular reader, you'll probably already know how much I love green. And pink. And gold. And rose gold. It'll come as absolutely no surprise at all, then, to learn that I also love these Jonak peep toes, which are available in every one of those colour, and which have a lovely, vintage feel to them. When I first came across them, my first thought was that they look like a fabulous pair of old-style dancing shoes - and I mean that in the best possible way, because while these do have an "old style" feel to them, they don't look old… [ 197 more words ]


ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots

ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots If all boots were as nice as these ones, you could almost persuade me to like winter fashion. Almost. OK, not really: I don't think I'll ever relish the thought of dressing for colder weather, but I have to admit, these 'Cabana' boots from ASOS do make the idea a whole lot more palatable. [ 258 more words ]


Topshop ‘Ava’ gem slingback flats

Topshop 'Ava' gem slingback flats I've been featuring a lot of high heels lately, so today I thought it was time to show some flats a bit of love, too. These are Topshop's 'Ava' slingback flats, and although they're also available in black, who can stop to look at a pair of basic black flats when there's this sunshine yellow shade to look at instead? [ 231 more words ]


KG Kurt Geiger black and gold ‘Hex’ sandals

KG Kurt Geiger black and gold 'Hex' sandals These are the second pair of shoes with text on them that I've featured in past few weeks, and I continue to be surprised by how much I like them. Is it just because I'm secretly thinking about how cute that cursive text would look on Instagram? I mean, usually I'd dismiss shoes with words on them as "novelty" shoes, with a very limited shelf life - and give me something classic, that I know I'll still be wearing in a few years, any time. [ 181 more words ]


Shopbop Sale Alert!

It's Shopbop sale time once again, which means it's your chance to save up to 25% at one of ShoeperWoman's favourite stores - and it's MY turn to think, "Damn, why do these sales always come along when I've already spent all of my money for the month, and REALLY can't justify buying one more thing? It's a tragedy, to be sure. [ 246 more words ]


ZARA polka dot slingback heels

ZARA polka dot slingback heels I know this is my second ZARA pick of the week, so apologies for that, but actually, no, I take that back: the new autumn/winter footwear collection is so good that I don't really think any apologies are necessary - in fact, I could probably have shown you a different pair of Zara shoes every day this week, and still not run out of inspiration! [ 242 more words ]


Zara green satin ankle boots with embroidery

Zara green satin ankle boots with embroidery So, I'm pretty sure these are the most beautiful ankle boots I've ever seen. Like, EVER. Bold words, indeed, but then again, "beautiful" isn't generally a word I tend to apply to ankle boots. "Practical," yes. "Stylish," sometimes. Even words like "elegant" or "sophisticated" can often be used to describe this kind of style, but "beautiful"? [ 265 more words ]


Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots

Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots We've reached that time of year where boots start to dominate the shoe scene: this is normally bad news for me, because I much prefer shoes to boots (and they're generally a lot more affordable, too), but one thing has happened over the last year or so to change my mind a little: yes, folks, I'm talking about sock boots. [ 250 more words ]


Office ‘Hierarchy’ pink satin t-bar court shoes

Office 'Hierarchy' pink satin t-bar court shoes I'm feeling mighty pleased with myself this morning, folks: I went to the Office shoes website, and not only did I manage to resist buying another pair of their classic 'On to Point' courts, I've managed to resist featuring them here as my pick of the day, too: wonders will never cease! [ 251 more words ]


Kurt Geiger ‘Sadie’ red high heel court shoes

Kurt Geiger 'Sadie' red high heel court shoes Well, hello lovers... Just when I thought I'd seen all the red shoes I'd ever need to see, and that there was really nothing left to tempt me, along comes Kurt Geiger's 'Sadie' heels - which are one of those shoes that fall into the, "probably wouldn't have much of an opportunity to wear them, but want to buy them anyway," category. [ 267 more words ]


Shopbop September Wish List

September is always a bit of a tricky month for fashion, in that it's one of those transitional months, where you never know quite what you're going to get, weather-wise. Of course, that's something I, for one, should be more than used to by now, having lived in Scotland my entire life, but while the last two Septembers have been glorious, and actually warmer/drier than the rest of the summer, I've also known Septembers which have felt more like winter - and who knows which way this year will swing? [ 255 more words ]


A new brand for Breton lovers

All items available at Spartoo If you're a longtime ShoeperWoman reader, then I'm sure you I don't even need to tell you about my ongoing love affair with the Breton stripe, do I? If you're new to the site, on the other hand, well, it's probably best that you be prepared, because here's the thing: I like stripes. A lot, in fact. [ 262 more words ]


Kurt Geiger green ‘Raine’ ankle boots

Kurt Geiger green 'Raine' ankle boots GAH. I got so excited as I scrolled down the 'new in' section at Kurt Geiger, and these ankle boots came into view: the dark green suede upper is the perfect colour for my autumn/winter wardrobe, and although I do have a pair of boots in this colour, they're starting to look a little the worse for wear, so a replacement would be perfect around about now. [ 259 more words ]


River Island gold bow-embellished bow court shoes

River Island gold bow-embellished bow court shoes I know it's far to early in the year to be thinking about party shoes (mind you, I know I'll still be saying that in December, such is my dislike of the party season, and everything connected to it...), but I guess it's never too early to start buying beautiful shoes, is it? Didn't think so. [ 240 more words ]


Christian Louboutin ‘Booton’ Mary Jane Pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Booton' Mary Jane Pumps I'm not normally a big fan of Mary Janes: I like the look of them on other people, but when I've tried to wear them myself, they've always just reminded me of school shoes, or made me feel like Alice in Wonderland, or something. In other words, they have a tendency to look/feel just a little bit childish on me, and that's not really the look I'm going for! [ 233 more words ]


The Perfect Green Party Dress

Zoe Vine Billie Green Ruched Dress I don't normally pay a whole lot of attention to advertising, but last week I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and there, tucked away between inspirational messages and videos of cats, was an advert for SilkFred. Now, this is a site I was vaguely aware of, but hadn't paid a huge amount of attention to in the past. [ 247 more words ]


Shopbop August Wishlist

We're more than halfway through August already, so here's a quick look at what I've been lusting over from Shopbop this month... Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Cursive LOVE Necklace I don't really to wear a lot of jewellery (mostly because I tend to forget all about it when I'm getting dressed!), but, when I do, I usually go for simple, understated kind of look. [ 248 more words ]


Showcase gold ‘Swag’ sandals

Showcase gold 'Swag' sandals I actually went to the Dorothy Perkins website last week with the intention of showing you a completely different pair of shoes: a sensible, wear-to-work, kind of pair of shoes. As soon as I laid eyes on these beauties, however, all thought of "sensible" shoes went out the window - because who wants "sensible" when you could have these instead? [ 241 more words ]


New Balance WL373 baby pink sneakers

New Balance WL373 baby pink sneakers I honestly didn't think I'd ever see the day when I'd be featuring a pair of sneakers here on ShoeperWoman.com, as part of anything other than some kind of sportswear-related feature, but whatdday know: here we are! The thing is though, sneakers are absolutely everywhere right now. And, I mean, they always have been - don't get me wrong. [ 273 more words ]


Possibly the cutest “jogging pants” ever

Ted Baker scallop trim jogger pants Ted Baker describe these trousers as "jogger pants" - which I'm not sure is the most accurate of descriptions, really. I mean, I'm pretty sure they're not actually expecting anyone go jogging in them (and, even if they did, I'm not used to paying £120 for my sweatpants, so I'd probably be giving that a miss...), but still, if they're anything like as comfortable as jogging pants tend to be, then I'm all in. [ 232 more words ]


It’s time to talk about ankle boots…

I know it's still only the middle of August (insert obligatory expression of surprise and "Where on earth has the year gone?" statement here, if you like. Honestly, I know everyone says it, and the relentless march of time really shouldn't be too much of a surprise to me at my advanced age, but it STILL always manages to take me by surprise, every single year without fail...), but I've got ankle boots on my mind. [ 244 more words ]


Loungewear to lust over from you’ll-never-guess-where

I don't know what it is with me and loungewear: honestly, I think I'm actually a completely different person in my head than I am in real life, because, if it was up to, I'd have closets full of silky negliges and gorgeous PJs... even although I know I probably wouldn't wear any of it. Take the set above, for instance? [ 244 more words ]


Miss KG ‘Caiden’ red mid-heeled sandals

Miss KG 'Caiden' red mid-heeled sandals I'm having to write this post in advance, as I do all of my posts these days, and I almost hesitate to mention this, but these shoes are currently on sale for just £29. Which honestly makes it a little bit surprising that I'm writing about them purely as shoes I'd LIKE to buy, rather than as shoes I've already bought, doesn't it? [ 249 more words ]


Shoeper Shopping | A new (to me) source of amazing jersey dresses

I love jersey dresses. As someone who loves to dress up, but who rarely every has an excuse to actually do it, jersey dresses are a true style saviour. It's true that some jersey dresses would still be way too "dressy" for everyday life (in my case, at least!), but most of them have the ability to be dressed up or down as required, making them a great choice for those of us who need practical clothes, but who don't want to have to sacrifice style in the process. [ 213 more words ]


The Search for the Perfect Floral Wrap Dress

Topshop red floral ditsy print wrap dress I seem to spend half my life (Or the part of it dedicated to shopping, at least: so, yeah, about half my life sounds about right...) on a never-ending search for the perfect floral wrap/tea dress. I mean, ideally I'd prefer it to be a tea dress rather than a wrap dress - I'm one of those people whose breasts are set so high on her torso that any kind of v-neck at all (even just a regular, not particularly low-cut one) will look borderline obscene on me and basically involve me flashing my entire bra to random passers-by - but either would do: I'm not fussy. [ 271 more words ]


Zara high heel sandals with leaf detail

Zara high heel sandals with leaf detail I started off July by showing you a pair of Zara shoes, and I'm going to kick off August in exactly the same way: well, I did warn you I was loving their work this season, didn't I? (This makes the fact that I'm not ending the month in possession of any new pairs of Zara shoes even more remarkable to me: I mean, can I get a gold star over here or what?) [ 228 more words ]


Missguided grey bow wrap-around sandals

Missguided grey bow wrap-around sandals I know I've been featuring even more than the usual amount of shoes with bows lately (and that's saying something), but when the shoes in question are as pretty as these ones, I'm sure you can all forgive me, can't you? Actually, to be more specific, it's really been sandals with bows that I've been featuring lately, which isn't surprising, given the time of year. [ 162 more words ]


Miss Selfridge ‘Cherub’ bow strap sandals

Miss Selfridge 'Cherub' bow strap sandals These shoes are really testing the limits of my willpower. They're yet another pair that I know I'd never, ever get the opportunity to wear (Or not unless I took to just wearing them with jeans all the time: which is definitely a possibility, don't get me wrong...), but which I want to buy anyway, just because they're beautiful. [ 244 more words ]


Timeline Photos

Yay or Nay? http://bit.ly/2tDJ8qw

Ted Baker brooch detail wool court shoes

Ted Baker brooch detail wool court shoes Ted Baker have what I think is a very clever way of selling shoes: they don't generally have a ton of different styles available at any given time, but the styles they do have tend to be: a) Drop-dead gorgeous and b) Available in a huge variety of different colours. I know some people might consider this a little boring, but I beg to differ, because, just before I came across these beauties, I spent absolutely ages trawling through various different retail websites, most of which contained dozens of very similar, or kind of non-descript shoes, which did absolutely nothing to gran my attention, and made these seem like a breathe of fresh air. [ 188 more words ]


Timeline Photos

Sunday shoes (in my dreams...) http://bit.ly/2uV6bgT

The Two Sides of Miu Miu shoes

Miu Miu Forma Crystal-Embellished Sandals I sometimes find it hard to believe that the same brand that came up with the beautiful, baby blue shoes above, also came up with these: Miu Miu furry pearlescent sandals And as part of the same collection, too! Now, I mean no offence to those who love the second pair - everyone's taste is different, obviously, and I'm sure you probably dislike the top pair as much as I like them - but they honestly look like some kind of spoof photo that someone started circulating on Facebook as a joke or something. [ 242 more words ]


Accessorize ‘Cameron’ leopard print pointed loafers

Accessorize 'Cameron' leopard print pointed loafers I somehow always manage to forget that Accessorize do shoes. I've no idea WHY I keep on forgetting this: I love Accessorize, and have done for many years now, but although they really come into their own in summer, with an awesome selection of flip-flops and sandals, I STILL manage to forget about them... normally until the next time I walk past their store at the airport, and find myself wanting to spend all of my holiday money in it. [ 294 more words ]


Timeline Photos

Come to Shoeperwoman... http://rstyle.me/~cz-a1nZb

Miss KG ‘Flirt’ pink marabou trim high heels

Miss KG 'Flirt' pink marabou trim high heels ME: I have absolutely no need for these shoes: in fact, at this particular time of my life, these shoes would probably be one of the LEAST practical purchases I could ever hope to make, not to mention a complete waste of money, given that I'd never, ever have the opportunity to wear them. [ 266 more words ]


ASOS Heatwave Barely There Heeled Sandals With Bow

ASOS Heatwave Barely There Heeled Sandals With Bow Red parent leather (or non-leather, in this particular case) can be pretty hard to get right, and it's one of those colour/fabric combinations that can either be totally show-stopping, or... well, a little bit cheap, really. Which wide of the fence do these ASOS sandals fall on, I wonder? Well, in fairness, at just £28, they ARE actually pretty cheap, so it wouldn't be surprising if they looked it. [ 226 more words ]


PSA: It’s Shopbop sale time!

You all know how much I love a Shopbop sale, right? Well, this one lasts for two days only, and gives you an extra 25% off designer sale sales with the code SOLUXE - so what are you waiting for? Shop the sale here!


Zara green satin flat slingbacks

Zara green satin flat slingbacks I know this is my second Zara post in just a few days, but, after a lacklustre couple of seasons, shoe-wise (Sorry, Zara! Don't worry, I've still been buying up your outerwear, though: never too many trench coats, amiright?), I'm really loving the current collection, so, rather than buying it all, I'm choosing to just write about it all, in the hope that it helps get it out of my system. [ 246 more words ]


River Island black and white stripe caged sandals

River Island black and white stripe caged sandals When I first spotted these shoes on the River Island website, I thought they were navy and white, and I started getting really excited because, well, my love of anything that could be described as even vaguely "nautical" (In style terms, I mean: I don't generally get excited by actual boats, although I guess that would depend on what they looked like...) is well known around these parts. [ 228 more words ]


Zara satin court shoes with bow

Zara satin court shoes with bow A few years ago, I bought the most beautiful pair of bright yellow satin court shoe s from Zara. They had a cute little flat bow on the front, and they instantly became one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever - in fact, I still wear them often. I was, however, fairly lucky to have got those shoes: they'd sold out super-quickly, and it was purely down to my obsessive habit of checking the Zara website every few hours until a pair came back into stock that I managed to secure a pair. [ 201 more words ]


Oasis Royal Worchester Ballet Flats

Oasis Royal Worchester Ballet Flats I've talked a lot lately about my great love for Oasis, and their dedication to creating beautiful floral prints (And, actually, I've BOUGHT lot of the aforementioned florals, if you want to know the truth...), so I couldn't be happier to discover that the brand's love of florals also extends to their shoes - namely, these 'Royal Worchester' ballet flats. [ 246 more words ]


Yellow satin bow-sided heels

Yellow satin bow-sided heels I love yellow shoes. I know the colour is one that a lot of people dislike, or feel won't be easy to style, but, along with red, it's one of the few very bright colours I'll wear on my feet these days - and I find it surprisingly versatile, too. Actually, with a few exceptions, I find I wear yellow shoes with almost the same outfits I'd wear red ones with: I wouldn't wear it with red itself (I know some people who could pull that off, but I'd feel like a children's TV presenter from the 80s...), but it looks good with all of the other "nautical" styles I love (It works particularly well with stripes, I find), and it's also great with black, white, and even green, if you're careful enough about the shades you're wearing. [ 187 more words ]


The Truth About Blogging for Money - has blogging changed

The Truth About Blogging for Money:

Faith pink suede ‘Filly’ butterfly sandals

Faith pink suede 'Filly' butterfly sandals Well, hello there, pretty pink sandals! I've talked a fair bit lately about my ongoing obsession with all things pink, but I'm afraid I'm going to do it again, because as soon as I laid eyes on these pink butterfly-embelished sandals, I started wanting to say things like, "OBSESSED!" and all of those other OTT words people use on Instagram to indicate that they quite like something. [ 233 more words ]


Dorothy Perkins ‘Gotcha’ twisted bow court shoes

Dorothy Perkins 'Gotcha' twisted bow court shoes These shoes had me at "twisted bow", although, honestly, the words "pale blue" would probably have done it, too: I mean, that even SOUNDS nice, doesn't it? In reality, the knotted bow on these shoes creates a vamp that's just a tiny bit higher than I would ideally like: I know trends come and go, and I'll often come round to liking something I'd have otherwise hated, but the trend for high vamps (mostly on slip ons, also with knotted bows in front) is one of the ones I've never learned to like, and I don't think I ever will. [ 198 more words ]


Topshop ‘Majorca’ skinny gingham stilettos

Topshop 'Majorca' skinny gingham stilettos Yes, it's another pair of gingham shoes. I guess you're probably used to this by now, huh? Because I've talked at great length already about the ongoing gingham trend, I'm just going to skip right over all of that, and simply note that I actually feel like I'm being tortured by it right now. (Note: gross exaggeration, but you get what I mean...) I mean, I just remodelled my kitchen, and I have a thousand and one other home-related projects in the works (Again, I'm exaggerating here, but it certainly feels like it!), so it figures that NOW would be the time I'd suddenly start finding multiple pairs of shoes I feel like I just can't live without. [ 191 more words ]


The Sneaker Social